Tau Firebase Support Cadre

Con Tau Firebase Support Cadre arriva la prima formazione che consiste di 6 armature Broadside e 1 Riptide. Questa formazione è utilizzabile nelle partite del 40K ed è considerato come distaccamento separato da associare al primario (un Tau, un Eldar o chi ne può trarre vantaggio dalla tabella delle alleanze). La formazione non occupa slot (si avete capito bene).

Il vantaggio nell’acquistare questi 7 modelli è che le 3 squadre guadagneranno l’abilita’ “Cacciatori di Carri” e “Odio (Space Marine); d’altro canto gli stessi Space Marine riceveranno, nei confronti delle 3 squadre, la regola speciale “Odio (Tau).

Tau Firebase SUpport Cadre

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via The Black Library
The Tau Fireblade Support Cadre Dataslate presents the rules for fielding this advanced formation in your games of Warhammer 40,000, the cadre containing the impressive XV104 Riptide supported by six Broadside battlesuits, a terrifying prospect for any opponent to face!

First Look
Rules for formations: Formations: These are two or more units that fight alongside one another in a particular way. When choosing an army, you can take a formations a special form of detachment, and can take any number of formations in your army, and each is considered a separate detachment.

The Tau Firebase Support Cadre consists of 1 Riptide and 2 XV88 Broadside Teams (must have 3 models each not counting drones).

For bonus’s the Firebase Support Cadre gets the amazing Tank Hunter and Bane of Angels new special rule, which looks like this;
All Units inside the Cadre have Preferred enemy Space Marines, and in turn it gives all enemy Space Marine units the Hatred Tau Firebase Support Cadre rule. Space Marines is defined as all the powered armoured dexes including Grey Knights, Blood Angels, Space Wolves etc.

This is tough, and of course its Tau, which puts on steriods its ability to rip apart tanks, especially ones that belong to Space Marines. With this much firepower, even Iron Hands will have to take a second hard look at protecting their Armour.

This is powerful, and I can see this being added into many Tau lists. More extreme firepower is not necessarily what the Tau ordered, but its also not anything to sneeze at.

The First Two Dataslates for Warhammer 40k have been very strong, and we will not see another until December 5th, which is rumored to be Adeptus Astartes Storm Wing . Perhaps a formation of Storm Talons or an alternate build, we will have to wait and see.