Codex Tiranidi: rumors

Rumors Tiranidi

Ci sono alcune pagine nel canale 4chan al momento che includono rumors tiranidi su Bio-Artefatti, poteri psichici e potenziamenti. Ovviamente essendo comunque rumors vanno considerati come tali fino all’uscita, ci siamo quasi, del codex Tiranidi il 14 Gennaio.

Via utente anonimo su 4chan:

Bio Artefacts of the Tyranids
1.The Maw-Claws of Thyrax- S: user AP5 Melee, Assimilate (can give preferred enemy), rending
2.The Norn Crown- Increases synapse 6″
3.The Miasma Cannon
Spit: Rang 36″ S1 AP4 Assault 1, blast, poisoned 2+
Spray: Template S1 AP4 Assault 1, poisoned 2+
4.The Ymgarl Factor- Can choose a new ability every assault phase, Slashing Claw, Tentacled Limbs, Protective Carapace
5. The Reaper of Obliterax- S+1 AP3 Melee, Life Drain (rolls of 6 have instant death), Shred, Swiftstrike (+3 init)

Powers of the Hive Mind
Primaris: Dominion-6″ additional synapse
1. Catalyst : FNP
2. The Horror: pinning test
3. Onslaught: Unit can run and shoot
4. Paroxysm: Targets WS and BS lowered
5. Psychic Scream: Nova power; 2d6+2 vs ldrship or take difference in wounds
6. Warp Blast: Burst 24″ S5 AP3 blast, Lance 18″ S10 AP2 lance

Acid Blood- Initiative check or take damage
Acid Maw-sacrifice attacks for a single S5 Ap2 attack
Adrenal Glands-fleet, furious charge
Blinding venom-sacrifice attacks for S3 melee blind and poisoned 6+ attack
Regeneration: 4+ to regen
Toxic Miasma: suffer additional hits in melee
Flesh Hooks and Spine Banks: grenades with shooting attack
Toxin sacs: poisoned special rule
Wings: becomes flying monstrous creature
Tail Biomorphs: Bone Mace, Prehensile Pincer, Thresther Scythe, Toxin Spike